Personal stuff

Hello, my name is Lev Walkin.

My interests include computer programming, software development, writing in artificial languages, entering codes into digital machines, and similar exciting types of leisure.

I also like playing badminton, listening to music (Pat Metheny, George Benson, Keith Jarrett, Pink Floyd), and taking pictures of various fine little things (or not so little; see the Photography section). I have no TV at home.

My dear wife, Olga Bobrova, has given birth to a cute little boy on December, 19, 2006.

Free Software

Here are the several open source projects I'm working on now.
  • asn1c-0.9.21 – The ASN.1 to C compiler. Also use Online version.
  • ipcad-3.7 – A versatile IP traffic collector (Supported capture methods: BPF, libpcap, tee, divert, ULOG, IPQ; Supported export methods: RSH, NetFlow, file dump).
  • libstrfunc-8.2 – A collection of text processing functions, primarily aimed at CGI developers (Includes support for CGI forms handling (GET/POST), base64, MIME, date/time conversion routines, textual template formatting et cetera). Has the fastest strtotime conversion routine around.
  • ... and more C sources.
One of my pet web projects is the online ASN.1 compiler page. It is home to a tool where Texas cellular providers convert their multi-megabyte CDR data (TAP3) into XML, since most commercial tools are not up to challenge. (I never disclose their data. No. Don't ask. No, I don't know his number.)

Once upon a time (1997) a few years have been spent developing the following Windows beast:
  • The Network Emulator 3.0 – A system for visual modelling of the TCP/IP networks. It allows the user to visually create a mesh of hosts interconnected by various network media (Ethernet, serial, etc). These virtual hosts run virtual programs, like "telnet", "ping", "traceroute" and "gated", written using finite state automata; the system visually models the TCP/IP stack behavior. The emulator supports the IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP and even BGP protocols.
This project is listed here largely for sentimental reasons.


  • The Ulyanovsk views, © 1998. This was the first dedicated Ulyanovsk web photo album at the time.


  • Misc. photos:

    Mountain View, Fountain Palo Alto, Leaf
    San Francisco, Golden Gate bridge behind the clouds San Francisco skyscrapers
    Yosemite, River Yosemite, Forest
    Moscow San Francisco, Downtown view
    Mountain View at night Reddings, Turtle Bay, Sundale bridge
    Shasta Dam, a wild squirrel Mountain View, Lake

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